WIP Wednesday and A Little Taste of Something Different

Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a good week so far. I have been stitching (yay!) and I've also been knitting. There's a local yarn shop I just discovered that has so many pretty things. It's called Must Love Yarn, and you can click on the name for the website. I have a friend that owns it, although I didn't realize until very recently. It's inspired me to knit again and I've joined their current KAL, for the Hitchhiker shawl. You can find the pattern on Ravelry if you're interested. 

I chose some beautiful Australian wool called Painted Desert:

Max modeling ;)
It's an easy pattern to remember, an 8 row block makes a "tooth". And it knits up easily. I'm going to try and one or two teeth a day. 

And back to our regularly scheduled stitching!

The only difference from my last post is Ballerina Dreams has moved along a little bit:

This area has a fair amount of confetti since it's a tree, but once I finish it there are large blocks…

Gifted Gorgeousness 2018 - January

Jo's hosting one of my favourite SALs again this year, Gifted Gorgeousness. It's always fun to look back and see what projects you've stitched on that have been gifted to you or you're giving to someone, or the numerous ways to shoe horn a project into GG. It's even more fun to check out our fellow stitchers and see what they've been up to. 

You can find all the details for 2018 here on Jo's page. Why not sign up and join us?

This month so far I've stitched on a few different things, hopefully I'm not making you all bored with seeing the same photos!

Here Comes Treble - probably MIL, maybe a future music teacher gift?

Ballerina Dreams - for my co-worker by June I hope

Covered Bridge - for my Grandma, this year's birthday?

Kiss for a Snowman - DD

McLaren Hamilton - for DH and was gifted by another stitcher

I'll be along to check out everyone else's posts soon I hope, Happy Stitching!


WIPocalypse 2018 Intro

Late again, although I think posting on WIP Wednesday Thursday isn't too bad for a post that should be all about WIPs and WIPocalypse 2018. I'm going to join Jo's "18 in 18" this year and pick 18 projects I'd like to finish or progress on. Progress for some might be a page finish instead of a whole project finish. 
If you're new here, I'm Tiffstitch, I work full-time and own my own small business, so there's never enough time to stitch. :) I live in Vermont in the USA and it's already been a harsh winter this year. Like last year, my goal is to get some WIPs finished and not have too many new starts turn into WIPs. 
I don't know how Jo does the fun collage on her page, but my list of 18 is as follows:
1. Covered Bridge 
I've been working on this one and it's really moving along. There's not much more to go, maybe a couple more nights of beading?
2. Fishing
This is overdue for a big birthday last year, so I need to get this finished.

Zodiac SAL - Capricorn

I'm a little late getting my post up for the Zodiac SAL, and you can check out all the details of Capricorn over at Jo's lovely blog. I was struggling to come up with something I'd stitched that fit Capricorn, pictured here from Jo's blog and HaED:

Capricorn by Josephine Wall charted by HAED
Then I remembered I'm working on something that involves fishing, and since there's fish tail here, I can post this!
although if we take the definition that Enki was the god of crafts, I could post everything I've stitched last month! :) How about an update on the Frosty Friends borders since I haven't posted about these in a while. 

and Covered Bridge:

and Kiss for a Snowman:

There are lots of great ideas of stitching for Capricorns or celebs that are Capricorns on Jo's page, so please check it out and any others who've managed to get their Zodiac post up on time. :) 

Happy Stitching!


End of 2017 Round up and 2018 Plans

I hope everyone had a good Xmas and a Happy New Year! Or enjoyed days off if you're not celebrating anything in particular. :)

I've been reading some of your New Year's plans posts and end of year posts and trying to decide how to write mine. I like how Rachel did hers quite a bit and may steal some of her ideas, with her permission of course. 

I read over my end-of-year post last year and you can find it here if you're interested. I had 3 WIPs I wanted to finish, Somebunny to Love, AAN Spider Banner and Letters From Nora S, H, and G. 

I did finish Somebunny:
WOXS Somebunny on Chromatic Alchemy Aether 28 ct 2 over 2
but not the others. I still need to fully finish Somebunny as well and get my sewing machine out to fully finish a few others too. I think I even have the material for backing for some, so it's just getting the time and effort together. 
I did manage to finish the Palkolap monthly series and send them all to my Grandma, so that was a big win! 
Princess and the…

Shortest Day SAL

I hope you're all ready for Xmas! The area is getting ready, because this is what was happening today:

It was beautiful to watch, although not so fun to drive in. But now I'm home and don't have to leave the house until Sunday, so I can enjoy it from inside my cozy house. 

Stitching has been happening! I joined Jo's Shortest Day SAL, which was maybe a Facebook only group and managed one small finish for a little friend of DD's:

The bottom photo has a truer colours. This was a little cutie from a WOXS series of Xmas smalls on Chromatic Alchemy 14 ct Nimbus I think. 

I'm also charging along on DD's gift:

and finally remembered to take a photo of the Frosty Friends I was working on:
I'll finish them some day. Maybe I should try and fit them into the Christmas Ornie Blog? The themes this year are:
January - Deck the HallsFebruary - Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeerMarch - We Three Kings April - White ChristmasMay - Hark the Herald Angels SingJune - Good King Wencesla…